At my site, you will find some scripts and files that will be of interest to you if you use Visual DialogScript. In case you don't know, Visual DialogScript, a.k.a. "VDS", is a powerful scripting language developed for the Windows environment. VDS is developed by a company called Commercial-Research, Ltd. Executables created with it are generally very small, around 10 kb. The runtime for VDS, which only needs to be distributed once, is also very small: around 214 kb. Although VDS is an interpreted language, it does not lack in speed or power for most programming operations. VDS is priced at a low and affordable price, while giving you more power than you have ever seen in similar languages.

I enjoy developing programs in VDS, and am also a member of VDSWORLD, the best VDS resource on the internet today. If you have any questions, please e-mail me.


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Get the current Process ID (PID) for your application.
Paint directly on your dialog surface without an extension or API
 VDS 5
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